Federico Pozzer is a composer, performer, and researcher. Influenced by experimental music practices, his current work investigates how indeterminate and determinate changes in players’ breathing can shape timings and interactions within a piece of music. His interest in the indeterminacy and the timing of breathing led him to use performers’ breathing as a musical regulator, to explore different modes of breathing and to question the thresholds in between through composition, installation, and improvisation. Federico often collaborates with pianist Kate Ledger and he wrote pieces for several musicians including flautist Kathryn Williams and composer-performer Joseph Kudirka. His works have been performed at MINIMALISM Festival 2.0 (London), Ostrava Days (Czech Republic), Splendor (Amsterdam), Constellation (Chicago), University of Huddersfield, KM28 (Berlin). In 2019 his CD ‘Breaths’ was released by Another Timbre. His recordings have been broadcasted by Keith F’eM, Concertzender Radio, and Radio 3 and his scores have been published in IM–OS Improvised Music-Open Scores and THE MASS. Federico is now finishing his PhD at the University of Leeds where he is supervised by Dr Scott McLaughlin and Dr Mic Spencer. 

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