Federico Pozzer is a Berlin-based composer and performer. His current work explores the contingent characteristics of daily life activities, phenomena, and interactions through unorthodox music-making approaches. He is particularly interested in element of surprise and in shaping performance contexts that allow the emergence of unexpected factors. In his recent pieces, he invited musicians to interpret his moles as musical notes, he used a pitch detection software as a score that interacts with the environment and the players, he facilitated the movements of an e-bow flowing down the strings of a guitar by itself, he asked a pianist to blow on ping pong balls inside of a grand piano attempting to form shapes drawn in the score. His work has been performed at Deep Minimalism Festival 2.0, Café OTO, London New Wind Festival (London), KM28, Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik (Berlin), The 21st Century Guitar (Lisbon), Ostrava Days (Czech Republic), Splendor (Amsterdam), Constellation (Chicago). In 2019 his CD ‘Breaths’ was released by Another Timbre. He holds a PhD in composition from the University of Leeds (UK).

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