Water Real Piano (2023) VIDEO
Real Piano app

Versatile Transparency (2023) VIDEO
one instrument and assistant
for Joselyne Mariotti

In Sync (2023) VIDEO
one performer

Dieci Istruzioni di Arnaldo Pomodoro (2022)
ensemble and electronics
written for La Camerata degli Ammutinati

Nail the Pitch (2022) VIDEO
any instrument

One Guitar, Two Ebows (2022) VIDEO
two performers
written in collaboration with Lucio Tasca

30 Strips (2021) VIDEO
music box
written for Joseph Kudirka
in ‘Music Box Music‘ by Joseph Kudirka (Blickwinkel release)

Three Sections (2021)
written for Paola Chiarion
commissioned by OperaEstate Festival

Four Sections (2021) SCORE/AUDIO
voice or wind instrument


Breathing, Moving, Playing (2020–21) SCORE/VIDEO
written for and in collaboration with Kate

Moving Objects (2020–21) SCORE/VIDEO
written for and in collaboration with Kate

Observed, Constrained, Altered, Involuntary (2020) SCORE
for any number of performers

From Observed to Involuntary (2020) VIDEO
one performer

From Exhaling to Blowing (2020) VIDEO
one performer

Neck and Ball (2020) VIDEO
two saxophones
solo version in ‘Hope Will Carry Us‘ by Andrew Hosler

The Piece of Paper (2020) VIDEO

When a Marble (2020) SCORE/VIDEO

Breathless (2019–20) VIDEO
wind ensemble
revised version written for London New Wind Festival

Breathing Instructions (2019) SCORE (in IM-OS Improvised Music – Open Scores Journal)
from 10 to 20 performers

Ujjayi Breath (2018)
written for Kathryn Williams’ project Coming Up for Air

Meetings (2018)
violin, guitar, piano
in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre release)

Noises (2018) SCORE
flute, violin, guitar, percussion, cello, piano
in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre release)

Breath II (2017) AUDIO
guitar and piano
in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre release)

Sfz in C (2017) VIDEO
two performers

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