Neck and Ball (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
2 tenor saxophonists and ping pong balls

Breathing, Moving, Playing (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
written for and in collaboration with Kate Ledger

From Conscious to Unconscious (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
1 performer and recording device

From Exhaling to Blowing (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
1 performer

When a Marble Crosses the Nut the Piece is Finished (2020) SCORE/VIDEO

Ujjayi – long version (2019–20)
for Kathryn Williams

Breathing Instructions (2019) SCORE
from 10 to 20 performers
(published on the 2nd issue of IM-OS, October 2019)

Until You Reach the End (2019)
soprano, flute and clarinet

Meetings (2018)
violin, acoustic guitar and piano

Noises (2018) SCORE
flute, violin, guitar, percussion, cello, piano

Ujjayi – short version (2018)
for Kathryn Williams

1 Pianist, 2 Pianos (2018)

Clarinet Breath II (2018)
two clarinets

Breath II (2017)
acoustic guitar and piano

Sfz in C (2017) SCORE/VIDEO
two or three performers

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