Four Sections (2021) SCORE/AUDIO

Breathing, Moving, Playing (2020–21) SCORE/VIDEO
written for Kate Ledger

Observed, Constrained, Altered, Involuntary (2020) SCORE
for any number of performers

Moving Objects (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
written for Kate Ledger

Neck and Ball (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
two tenor saxophone necks and two ping pong balls

From Observed to Involuntary (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
1 performer and recording device

From Exhaling to Blowing (2020) SCORE/VIDEO
1 performer and several objects

When a Marble (2020) SCORE/VIDEO

Breathless (2019–20) SCORE/AUDIO
wind ensemble

Breathing Instructions (2019) SCORE
from 10 to 20 performers
published in the 2nd issue of IM-OS Improvised Music – Open Scores (October 2019)

Meetings (2018)
violin, guitar, piano
published in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre)

Noises (2018) SCORE
flute, violin, guitar, percussion, cello, piano
published in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre)

Ujjayi Breath (2018)
for Kathryn Williams

Breath II (2017) AUDIO
guitar and piano
published in ‘Breaths’ (Another Timbre)

Sfz in C (2017) VIDEO
two or three performers

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